Front & Back Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

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When it comes to the front yard landscaping ideas, most people focus on creating a good curb appeal that is both inviting and pleasing to look at. However, some end up spending a lot of time and money in search of complex front yard landscaping ideas that they believe will make their yards stand out of the rest. Complex ideas are not always the best. Sometimes all you need is a simple functional design that best complements your front yard.

Back & Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Homes and their landscape are a reflection of the people that live there. Therefore, when it comes to front yard landscaping ideas, it is wise to choose ideas that will present you in the best possible light.
In this article I will try and explain some front yard landscaping ideas that are easy and pocket friendly; many of which have been proven to produce admirable results on front yards. If you need your yard to look as if it was worked on by a professional then I suggest you to read on.

When it comes to flowers in your front yard; plant flowers that are of the same color for an easy and elegant front garden. Remember to use mulch that complement the flowers and shrubs that you use as this will add to the beauty of your garden. Most people tend to neglect this last portion of advice and end up with less than perfect results. It is also advisable to choose one flower color and repeat it in rows of flowers to get a tantalizing mix. Planting trees is also one of many front yard landscaping ideas that many fail to put into consideration.

Plant a variety of trees but don’t overdo it. Avoid buying trees that will overgrow and crowd out your front yard. Instead, ask for trees that can suitably frame your house and provide shade and privacy without obscuring your front lawn. Mixing perennials and annuals is also a brilliant way of landscaping your yard. The benefit of using annual plants is that they bloom in seasons and this makes them inexpensive to add to your landscape. Perennials on the other hand tend to bloom in succession, so you always have something blooming in your front yard. Annuals are also great for people who like to try out new things since they only last a few seasons. In short, this combination guarantees you the best of both worlds.

Playing up your focal point- the front door has also been known to work wonders. Painting the door a contrasting color to that of the house helps to draw the eye away from the lawn and onto the door. The idea behind this is to compensate for a poor lawn by drawing attention away from it. Adding outdoor lighting also falls under the category of front yard landscaping ideas. It has been known to resurrect your front lawn and garden after dark. Solar lights can be used for a quick and easy transformation of your front yard. Plus, they are easy to install. Lastly, when it comes to front yard landscaping ideas, using a clover lawn is highly commendable.

Using clover instead of grass will save you a lot of time and money because it does not require regular mowing. They do well virtually everywhere and have been known to flourish in areas that are affected by drought. While this list may not have comprehensively captured all front yard landscaping ideas, it has certainly highlighted a few that do not require so much time and effort to put into practice.

Just remember that before you can adopt any front yard landscaping ideas you must first begin by analyzing the architecture of your home.

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