Best way to water lawn without a sprinkler system

Think green, grow green with Nahial Landscaping. We specialize in water conservation, Smart controllers, and water auditing to save you money while keeping your yard looking beautiful.

  • Update your watering system – we can evaluated for maximum efficiency. Weather Based “Smart Controllers” are an excellent choice to ensure that you are using water wisely
  • Retrofit your irrigation system to drip line or low flow rotating spray heads. When professionally installed these are extremely efficient and will deliver water much more precisely
  • Use permeable hardscape surfaces wherever possible, allowing rainwater and irrigation runoff to seep back in to the water table
  • Use drought tolerant plant material wherever possible

NAHIAL LANDSCAPING can irrigate and hydro seed your permanent horse pasture to help you save money on high feed cost. We have experience installing submersible pumps with boaster pumps specially designed for pasture landscape.

Permanent sprinkler systems:

Prevent runoff and soil erosion
More convenient
Require less time and labor
Help maintain good agriculture and environmental condition

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