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It has always baffled me how many people don’t realize just how much they enjoy the benefits of trees. In the past, trees were a means of food, shelter and fuel. This is no longer the case. Today most people simply look at trees and only see wood.

It is therefore not a wonder that using trees for landscaping is such an uncommon practice in the 21st century. What most people need to understand is that trees have a lifespan of many years and become more attractive and functional with age. Unlike shrubs and flowers, patience is the key when it comes to these towering plants.

While trees have been known to come in all shapes and sizes, what needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to using trees for landscaping is that how you select your trees and choose to plant them directly affects your home’s comfort and outlook. I say this because people have been heard saying that a tree is a tree. Not true. This is but mere street talk. If you are thinking of using random trees for landscaping then I urge you to read on lest you make a grave mistake.

When deciding on which tree trees you want for your landscaping, remember to choose the trees that require very little maintenance as this will in turn provide less work for you. Some trees have been known to shed their leaves very often and this has caused their owners lots of distress. In this case simplicity is key.

It is also important that once you choose a tree and plant it, consider learning about maintaining it in the long run.
Fruit trees are highly recommended for landscaping projects. These trees have been known to add color to your landscape while at the same time producing fruits that can be picked at various times of the year.

Evergreen accents are also a great way to add color and landscape to your property. As their name implies they stay green all year. It is especially nice to have them in your landscape during winter since snow on the branches has been known to cause a lovely scene. However, be cautious when it comes to choosing evergreen trees for planting. This is because not all evergreen trees retain their beauty after a harsh shearing session after they bloom.

Shade trees are also wonderful trees for landscaping. They have proven to be very useful near a patio, terrace, deck ,pool and any other places that require relief from the hot sun. The advantage of using Shade trees is that they produce an interesting contrast between light and dark in the garden. Examples include the Red maples and the Chanticleer Pears.

In general, there are hundreds of trees that work well with various landscapes. This information is just a start, but a very good place to start if you are interested in using trees for landscaping.

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